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Weatherline - the daily local weather forecast

Weather in the Lake District can change rapidly so we run a weather forecast service called Weatherline (opens in new window).

It features data direct from the Met Office, with a five day forecast. Between December and April our Fell Top Assessors record winter conditions daily from Helvellyn, the Lake District's busiest mountain in winter.

So when you're planning a day out, visit Weatherline (opens in new window) or call 0844 846 2444.

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What will the weather be like when I visit?

We'd love to be able to tell you, but conditions vary enormously from one year to the next. Our Photos - through the seasons gallery shows how different each month can be.

Why is the Lake District known for having more rain than other areas?

The weather in Britain mostly comes from the Atlantic. When the clouds hit the mountains of the Lake District, they rise, the water vapour within the clouds cools, condenses and falls as rain or snow.

What should I pack?

Visitors: Layers are the best idea. Even in summer, it can be cool in the evenings and if you’re on the water. A good waterproof jacket is invaluable. More details in What to pack.

Walkers: A wind and waterproof jacket and over-trousers will make your walks a lot more comfortable. The temperature drops one degree for every 150 metres you ascend. So even if it’s relatively warm in a valley, it can be pretty chilly on top of a high ridge. You should always carry extra clothing such as spare socks, hats and gloves. Check out our Checklist for walkers.

Interested in weather, climate and climate change?

Please read our Climate, weather and climate change section.

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